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 YOU'RE A SHARK & I'M SWIMMING, 19 / order member / barmaid
 Posted: Oct 11 2016, 03:50 AM
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19 years old
owl for a good time
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nineteen • barmaid • order member
i. marlene comes from a v privileged background. her mum is a pureblood african witch and her dad is a pureblood scottish wizard and despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage they are super happy together. she grew up in her dads ancestral home which is basically a mansion on a private island near the scottish hebrides.

ii. kind of a hot mess at hogwarts. gryffindor. partied a lot, did lots of things with lots of guys, spectacularly fucked up her o.w.l's & eventually got her shit together. quidditch chaser from sixth year onwards.

iii. officially she's a barmaid in knockturn alley at the white wyvern. she's actually kind of a spy for order. hangs out with all sorts of low lives and will do almost anything for a decent recon opportunity. weirdly sneaky for a gryffindor?? i guess she's still mates with her school friends but at a more distant level because of what she does at work. (she's kind of monumentally fucked up by it. so much teen angst.)

iv. so she despises blood supremacists and all that, but you wouldn't know it. she might even come across as sympathetic to the death eater's cause if u didn't know better. definitely living on the edge with the company she keeps. it would be cool if something bad could happen to make her err a little more on the side of caution.

v. no real serious romantic intentions towards anyone. besides a few drunken kisses with girls in her school years she's only ever really done anything serious with guys. she's definitely bisexual though, she just needs some time to figure out that she actually likes girls. like really likes them. a big part of her job description is flirting with known death eaters (it's an easy way to get into their houses, right?) so there's that. so what that it's dangerous? it's not like she doesn't know. she's just a total bloody cliche of a gryffindor.

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ur bb & marlene

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