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 look like th' innocent flower, wife & sister
 Posted: Oct 4 2016, 03:59 PM
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I'm the poison in your bones
sysifa zabini / wife.
To call their marriage loveless is too simple, but to call it loving would be sheer mockery. Niko and Ifa were engaged after a mere five months of dating, introduced at a party by Niko's own mother. Niko has been trying to solve the puzzle that is Syisfa's mind for the six years since.

They've lived abroad for most of that time - Italy, especially, where they both have a lot of family. After Ifa's miscarriage and Niko's accident, however, they have landed back in London. Ifa believes it's a temporary stay. Niko knows otherwise.

Sysifa is not a kind person, but few outside of Niko know that. She commands attention, a queen of double-meanings, all her complication wrapped up in enigma and poise. She is well admired among the upper echelons of society, despite her husband's at times "colorful" (read: open-minded) opinions. She, on the other hand, is strongly allied with other blood purists.

Ifa is idealistic, driven, in her own way, but more often than not, she prefers to use others to achieve her ends than lift a finger of her own. To her, people are a game.

It follows that her and Niko's relationship is not a healthy one. Her words and actions towards him are manipulative and damaging - if never physically, certainly emotionally and psychologically. It's only gotten worse since they lost the baby; Niko has become exceptionally distant, physically and emotionally, and that distance has left his image of her a little less rose-tinted.

She has yet to discover that he has stabbed her in the back and joined the Order.

Her occupation (if she even has one) is entirely up to whoever takes her, as is her history of fidelity, and her level of involvement with the "pureblood cause." While I envision her being an absolute narcissist - perhaps even a touch of the sociopath, in this one (think borderline Gone Girl), I can absolutely see her being a sympathetic character in a lot of ways. I'm open to all sorts of plotting!

Please see Niko's app and plotter for more detail!

a million ways to be cruel
____ zabini. sister.
____ is Niko's baby sister, and while he loves her, they have a difficult relationship. He has not always been her fiercest defender, especially with regards to their family (perhaps because when the heat is turned on her, it's taken off of him for once). Still, he adores her, and ignores her black widow tendencies with regards to men, until he gets the call saying one of them needs to be scared off. She is far more loyal to their blood than Niko ever has been, or can ever claim to be - perhaps to the point where it will bring his new alliance with the Order home with him.

I'm really open to just about anything for BB sister, here - she can be neutral or death eater, just not an order member herself.

Please see Niko's app and plotter for more detail!

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